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While we are still working on integrating a new ordering system, please take note of the following:

1) The online ordering system will automatically say 30 minutes for the prep time, but please look below for more accurate times:
Weekday Lunch: 10-20 minutes
Weekday Dinner Rush (6pm-9pm): 15-30 minutes
Weekend Lunch: 15-25 minutes
Friday/Saturday Dinner Rush (6pm-9pm): 25-45 minutes
Sunday Dinner Rush (6pm-8pm): 20-40 minutes

2) When putting in special instructions (scheduled pickup time/ allergy/ etc), the message box at checkout does NOT print out, so we have created a "Special Instructions" page on the bottom of the order page where you can input a message.

Link to place online order (once you have read everything above)
Click Here To Place Online Order
As of 04/26/20, we are offering delivery through GrubHub: Order Grubhub Here
UberEats: Order UberEats Here
Doordash: Order Doordash Here
* If you are placing a pickup order rather than delivery, please use our online ordering system. We are able to better manage your orders and does not incur any additional fees, both to customers and our restaurant. Thank you!
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