Due to high heat, Coreanos will be closed today! Sorry for any inconvenience

As of 04/26/20, we are offering delivery through GrubHub: Order Grubhub Here
UberEats: Order UberEats Here
Doordash: Order Doordash Here
* If you are placing a pickup order rather than delivery, please use our Texthood ordering system. We are able to better manage your orders and does not incur any additional fees, both to customers and our restaurant. Thank you!
We have a convenient way of placing pickup orders, setting pickup times, placing repeat orders all without signing up! Please use the Texthood app below or text the word "menu" to 
*note: we receive orders immediately after you send the 4 digit confirmation text and then manually input orders into our system. If your order does not receive a text of estimated time within 10 minutes, please call the restaurant. Thank you!

05/26/2020 Menu Update:

- We no longer serve Taco Salad on our menu

- In addition, we have added a Smoked Ham option to our Coreanos Bowl and Kimchi Fried Rice!

Menu last updated 05/26/2020